Metal Ceiling Clip-in & lay-in

ECOTONE™ Metal Ceiling Systems

ECOTONE™ ceiling system range that is designed to provide solutions for all installation situations. The tiles, manufactured to fine press tool tolerances, are clipped into a concealed Tee Bar grid .With its diverse design concepts it suits not only new building projects but can also be used with confidence in the framework of renovation and refurbishment projects. Tiles are automatically leveled in the grid by special “Pip & Stop” registers, which are pressed into the side flanges of the tiles during manufacture. The metal tiles provide particularly good acoustics by virtue of the different surface perforations that also contribute to the overall design pattern on the tiles.

ECOTONE™ Lay-On system of metal ceiling tiles and panels form an integral part of the company’s range of metal ceiling systems. The robust grid system is easily installed and tiles can be removed and replaced for access to services . The fully demountable tiles and panels are available in a range of sizes, edge profiles and perforation patterns; they are manufactured from steel or aluminum finished with high polyester paint offer a comprehensive range of colours to BS and RAL standards. Modular or circular light fitting and grilles can be integrated within the Clip-In System Tiles and panels are suitable for internal applications and used with mineral wool pads satisfy a wide range of thermal and acoustical parameters.

The tiles can be installed in several different ways:
(1) Clip On
(2) Lay On
(3) Linear Strip Clip on

Technical Properties

Thickness Edge Surface Sizes NRC Fire Class Climate Weight Light Reflection
0.5 -0.7 mm Square, Tapper Plain, Perforation 300 x 600 , 600 x 600 & 600 x1200 0.75 Class A 99 RH 5-6 Kg/m2 78 %

Perforation Patterns: 12% > 46% open area

ECOTONE™ tiles are available with various different surface perforation patterns – from large holes to the very finest micro-perforations (0.7-2.4 mm straight holes). These facilitate the optimization of reverberation times to suit the acoustics and design requirements of areas.


ECOTONE™ Lay-On Tile install on T-Grid suspension system.


features & benefits

  • Excellent uniform level
  • invisible carrier and accessories
  • Standard sizes ex-stock
  • Ceiling takes up minimal void space
  • Simple downward access
  • Services easily integrated
  • Excellent fire performance
  • makes the space more clean and tidy

  • Airport
  • Cinema
  • Exhibition Centre
  • Computer Room
  • Hospital
  • Hotel
  • Kitchen
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Office Area
  • Laboratory
  • Restaurant
  • Supermarket
  • Theatre
  • Shower Room


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