Audiometric Screening Booth

ECOTONE™ Audiometric Screening Booth

ECOTONE™ provides Audiology room for hearing testing, Ecotone having expertise in designs and installation of Rooms and Booths, Ecotone manufacture and install an extensive range of high performance Audiology Test Rooms and Booths with inside max noise level 32-34 dB(A) as per international norms for hearing testing and comply with the latest ISO standards.

The audiometric booth are available in different size of 4ft x4ft x7ft 6 inches & 6ft x6ft x7ft 6 inches , Combined type booths also can be provide as per requirement

The audiometric booth are fitted with one acoustic door, one sound proof glass window, air ventilation system , jack panel . The inside finish of booth will be perforated sheet OR fabric warped


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