Acoustical Baffles

ECOTONE™ – Acoustical Hanging Baffles, Ceiling Hanging Clouds Manufacturer, Sound Baffles and Panels, Hanging Acoustic Baffles/ Clouds, Wooden Hanging Baffles, Hanging Sound Absorbing Panels that Can Be Hung Horizontally or Vertically.

ECOTONE™ Acoustical Solutions offers a wide range of acoustic hanging baffles & cloud panels to control sound in buildings. Whether is an Indoor stadium, classroom, a gymnasium, a theater or a swimming pool, there are a large variety of acoustical baffles & cloud panels to solve acoustic and aesthetic needs.

As acoustic hanging baffles both sides are exposed to the room that mount up in the ceiling are one of the most effective methods to reduce reverberation and noise. The acoustic hanging baffles are very usefull for restaurants, indoor swimming pools, gymnasiums, Canteen and many more. They are moisture resistant and easy to clean. Baffles come in a choice of colors to choose from, and in custom sizes up to 4’x 8′ and 2’x 4′ for fast shipping. All the sound baffles are manufactured with grommets and easy suspension system from the ceiling. The thickness of acoustic hanging baffles is 50mm and warped with acoustically transparent fabric with choice of colors.

Free Hanging Screens are typically large baffles which provide acoustical control and visual privacy. All ECOTONE™ Baffles and Screens are manufactured to individual project requirements, including sizes, shapes and finishes. The shape of baffles can be squire , Rectangular , Circular , Oval shape and these can be hang vertical suspended OR Horizontally suspended depending upon project requirement.


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