Acoustic Doors

ECOTONE™ Industrial Acoustical Doors are engineered and fabricated for 35 to 52 STC rating depending upon client’s noise reduction requirement. The acoustical doors are designed for a longtime of operation. ECOTONE™ has more than 25 years of successful experience in the field of different type of industrial door fabrication and maintains.

Acoustical doors are Single Leaf OR Double Leaf Swing Acoustic Doors are factory assembled give more accuracy and shipped with heavy duty chrome cam lift hinges and heavy duty chrome freezer type latches hardware installed to reduce field installation costs and ensure acoustical integrity. All ECOTONE™ Industrial Acoustical doors are made out of hot dipped corrosion resistant galvanized steel door shutter and frame construction which is non-adsorbent, non-combustible mineral wool suitable for outdoor exposure. Large Custom Sized Swing Acoustic Doors feature structural steel internal support and are designed with removable lifting eyes for factory dis-assembly, shipment in transportable sections and field re-assembly. Two piece frames are available for non-progressive installation in existing doorways such as concrete masonry construction.

ECOTONE™ Horizontal and vertical Sliding Type Acoustic Doors are fitted with High quality, heavy-duty industrial roller bearing hangers and trolley track is designed for decades of service. Height and depth adjustments and adjustable neoprene seals are standard. Motorized and pneumatic options are also available.

Available ECOTONE™ Acoustical windows are factory installed with multiple layers of safety sheet glass and two piece neoprene gaskets at both side.



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